Raphael is a true healer. He was able to gently identify and release the pain from both my physical and emotional bodies. I am so thankful for the time and healing I received from him.                                                                                                                                 Nicole/Nikki

Raphael’s healing touch, compassion and attunement to the highest good have been a healing balm for myself, my family and the community at large. His gifts are many and his heart is so big. He is a blessing to have around
Amata of Amata Chiropractic.

The reading I received from Raphael is a profound gift that will remain with me. I honestly had no idea what to expect, and what I experienced was phenomenal and illuminating. I was filled with an unmistakeable feeling of lightness throughout my body as Raphael spoke directly to the deepest most genuine sense of myself. The source that Raphael connects to as he channels is healing, grounding, and authentic. I highly recommend a reading with Raphael to access transformational wisdom and guidance. ~ Mya, Santa Fe Oxygen Bar

If you have the opportunity to experience Raphael’s channeling, I would greatly recommend it.  Raphael is tuned into a high vibrational awareness and conducts accurate and wise messages that touch into personal information and guidance from angels.  Not just anyone can do that, and do it well-Jeva B.

   My reading with Raphael was profoundly insightful; his wisdom offers a deeply heartfelt resonance of the divine and reassurance that “all is well “. I will apply the guidance I received for my life’s direction ~ Zoe Makrysta, Dancer


My session with Raphael was very powerful, moving and uplifting. I truly felt the deep connection to my heart and the healing energy flowing through it. It is quite a unique experience to hear the wisdom of my own heart being mirrored back to me in a concise and eloquent way. I have experienced many healing modalities over the years and I find Heart Thread to be one of the most deeply moving. Highly recommended.~Phil.


Raphael  is a clear and open channel of Divine Love. His calm and peaceful essence exudes from him. I felt very safe, comforted and able to let go. The Heart Thread technique is loving, supportive and direct. Repeating everything he said felt crucial to me in accepting the truths he was bringing forth. I came away knowing I had released my fears in moving forward and feeling a profound sense of peace.  As a healer myself it was an honor to receive from Raphael and I will recommend him and the Heart Thread technique to my clients and friends.


I was somewhat skeptical as I first sat down for my Heart Thread session with Raphael Weisman but it was soon very clear to me that he does indeed channel information and guidance from those on a higher spiritual plane. I am still processing what I heard but that advice has evoked a calmness and grounding I have not experienced for some time. Thank you. ~Marilyn M. 


As a mental health professional, I was a bit guarded about attending a HeartThread session with Raphael.  While staying at Sunrise Springs Resort in August of 2016, my husband and I thought we would try something new together, and I’m very happy we attended a HeartThread session with Raphael.  He truly has a unique gift, and provided us both with insight, compassion, and guidance that really did fit for us, given where we were in our lives.   I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone open to inviting inspiration, guidance, and healing.  Remember to record the session, if you are able. ~Kathy, Ph.D.