Messages from the Angels

On this page you will find a few initial messages from Spiritual Guides who address themselves as “Angels”. I decided that it would be more appropriate to publish further messages as posts so that they would appear on the front page of this website and could be archived without creating a very, very, long static page. You can read about specific guides who have shared their wisdom through me by name, such as John Henry and Old Chinese in separate posts or pages. I am creating links to these guides sharing what I know of them and how they impacted my life.

Living On The Edge

Received 21st July 2017.

I highly recommend the book Shambhala, The Sacred Path of the Warrior, by Trungpa Rimpoche. Some of the ideas in this book are referenced in this channeling.


Living On The Edge

I would like to give you a perspective on Living On The Edge. So many of you live on the edge in terms of your daily needs for housing, for food, for entertainment and fun. The money comes in and the money goes out. The Health; You feel fine, and something comes. You believe that you’re aging. And relationships; There are those that cannot wait, and there are those that cannot wait to leave one. Because, no matter where you are, you are practicing living in the moment. Living on the edge forces you to breathe, to pay attention to the moment, for that is where things change – between the one moment and the next; where the phone will ring, or someone will show up, or something will come that changes the dynamic. But it’s like being on the wheel.  It goes around and around; And in truth, everything is in cycles – the seasons; life is full of cycles and seasons. And it’s important to learn, in the moment, when you begin to feel, perhaps a sense of dread, or deep sadness; or the rage rises. Whatever it is that is your trigger, you have created it so that you can understand the edge to be the place of the no thing between the worlds, the chrysalis, every moment unfolding into another. And when you show up in the moment, when you come into your body, when you recognize that here you are. Somehow, you have chosen to be here, and there is no obligation for it to be suffering. For each moment there is resistance to the discomfort, be it emotional or physical, you constantly wish to be in that other moment that is still to come. Or you are living, reminiscing or missing something from the past, harboring or nurturing some pain or disappointment, some resentment; all the places where you have been wounded carry with them memories and imprints. In the moment, they do not exist, when you are in the breath, in this space between, where the resolution comes. You are now in a place where the miracles, the serendipities, the magic come, the greetings, the meetings, the soul connections, they show up;  in the moment, most often without expecting that anything might happen.

100_0164So living on the edge is your opportunity to come back to the path of the warrior, in each moment. And when you have your judgements, acknowledge them, and let them go. Because you trust. You have trusted this far, you have accomplished existence over as many years as you have been alive. You have been before, you will be again, in some manner, in some form, in some place. For you are eternal. Remember that in each moment when you need to take that breath, and then dissolve. You are here, by design, and you are not alone. You are not lost. Everything is moving in an evolutionary path that is for the highest good of all, of the whole, which includes each person. Nothing is amiss. Much is a mess, but Everything is what it is. Everything is in its place in each person’s life. There are no mistakes. Your imagination can play tricks on you. If it’s generated from your pain, from your wounds, from your memories, use your imagination to see yourself living happily. In love, in success, expanding always, without fail, like the breath of God, moving in and out, your breath intermingling with the breath of God. Of All That Is; In each moment that is actually a reality. You are breathing in and out the essence of the LIving Spirit, that is in all life. You cannot be separated from the great web of existence; You are a point of consciousness within that frame of reference. In this moment, everything is, just the way it is. You remove the labels from the experiences, from the feelings, from the connections. You return to the heart, to the intent of the warrior; To show up fully in the moment. And that is enough. It is more than enough. You have watched the interplay between action and non-action, doing and resting; It is your life. Your life is our life; all of the beings in all of the universes that are connected to you. They all exist. There are many dimensions, there are many realities, there are many individuated beings, points of reference. Galaxies of infinite numbers of aspects of consciousness. What’s so called “out there” is the vastness, and the vastness is connected. Every moment of the vastness, every aspect, every point, of the reference points that connect to anything within the vastness; Everything is interconnected, like all the molecules in the air weaving their way through what you feel as space.


Rest in the knowing that Creation is so miraculous, so beautiful, so filled with light. It is but a short time since someone saw your light. A day can seem like a moment, or like a year. Everything is perceived through the senses. Your perceptions are what govern your lives. The few conditions you have for how things need to be or how someone needs to be or even how your life needs to be for you to be happy, satisfied; You  must come to this place in each moment now. This is your path as a warrior of the heart. It is an easy path because it is guided all the way. You have untold help and resource at your disposal. You are learning to be; to be with it all. If you stop judging, everything blossoms. Your idea of good or bad about something outside of you, of yourself; It’s not a contribution to their lives. If you desire to be a contribution, then everything that you do or represent, then there’s no place for judgement and the path of the warrior is to go there, within, first; there can be no judgement of self. You are made of basic goodness, you were created in the image of God. The image is not the whole, but it’s like a button, you press it and it takes you there.

IMG_5175You and God. They are words, are they not? You are God. Also words. God is all there is. All these words are like windows, doorways to realities. The mind seeks answers.The heart finds solutions. The heart does not question, it just feels, just loves. It just accepts. It is possible to live like this. It is your deepest wish to many levels to live this way, from this place. We return each time to the theme of the warrior; The warriors of peace, of a new reality on this planet. Everything that is appearing in your world, is in perfect timing; In some cases for resolution; In some cases it is what is unfolding for you in your development, certain skills, abilities, your channeling, your psychic abilities, your communications with more and more of the beings, of the angels, of the spirits, the trees, the waters; You are cultivating a relationship that is growing, and the masses eventually will experience aspects that will help to soften your hearts, for there is not that much time left; for soul support. In some ways, it will wait for you because it’s designed for you, and it’s designed for the whole, for everything. And the heart, we said, are the solutions. It is enough that you live from the heart; it is enough that you teach, that you model this. That is all that is required. Chip away at your sculpture. Remove all the chips of old patterns, old thoughts, old ways, old stuff, old objects, “old”, in that its no longer of use to you. Not “old” in wisdom and experience, we’re talking about something that comes from the past that is not needed anymore and has become old and worn out. And you allow it to leave, to die peacefully; No longer needed. “I have done my job”. You are free of doubt, you’re free of lack, you’re free of angst, you’re free of fear. As the warrior knows, one becomes fearless as one becomes egoless. So as you breathe out and dissolve, you’re dissolving the doubts, you’re dissolving the old ties.

IMG_5177It is important to be in Nature, to be on the Earth, with the waters, with the trees. Your connection to Mother Earth must be strong now. You need each other. You love each other. She is your Mother; we are your father, shall we say. We all love you. We are excited to be with you on this journey, as you expand into multi-dimensional consciousness, for that is what is being offered to you. You must be the way-showers for those to come, so it can be easier and easier, for the many to release all the old burdens. The past must be over. In some way it must be released. It must be done in each person’s heart, and mind and body, to forgive, and you may say, forget. That which is of love will remain. It is indestructible. Love is indestructible. You are love. You are made of the pure energy of God’s Love. It is transmitted through Light. As you grow in Light, you embody more of God. This, in many ways, is your gift to Creator. You expand God. It is a profound reciprocity. Reciprocal. It is profound. The connection that you have with what you call or think of as God.

IMG_5599_2Whatever way you come to peace, that is what you are learning by living on the edge, finding a way to return to that moment of breath. In and out. In and out, out and in. This simple practice is really your work. Breathing with awareness, with emptiness.

This very moment is filled with peace. As you breathe in, go to your heart. You are the sun, the brightness, the warmth, there in the center. allow yourself to rest for a moment; nothing to do, nothing to worry about, nothing to think about. If you do it for just a moment, right now, to sink, to sink into a soft, soft soft space where your whole being can dissolve. And when you begin to breathe in again, you realize you are continuous, as long as you are breathing. You are existing. It was determined that you should be here. It was determined by your Higher Self, that you should come to this Planet now. It was determined that you would graduate from this school of hard knocks, this plane of suffering; that you should graduate and celebrate, that you have crossed that pivotal threshold in the evolution of consciousness of life on this planet and that your presence here is a momentous thing. And you get to experience that by acknowledging it, and being it, and becoming it. This is why we talk of the path of the warrior, the warrior of the heart. The Path-showers, the trailblazers; the return of the divine feminine and the balance of the divine masculine; represented in the real lives of more and more men and women, women and men. This unfolding is happening. Many are experiencing symptoms; unusual emotional, sometimes, very  uncomfortable. The Ascension Syndrome, it has been called. You are being bombarded with cosmic energies from the Galactic Center. You are shifting and changing and it is necessary to purge, to open your hearts to what is showing up for you, and allowing it to bring you relief. Feel it, and let it go.IMG_4896

Remember always to go back to the breath; back to the heart, back to the Mother, back to the Father. Whatever you do, you are connecting Heaven and Earth. Whatever you say, you are connecting… spirit and matter. Whatever you think, you are generating, creating, perhaps destroying. Through the very act of breathing, you are weaving together your life force with the life force of all on this planet, an eco-web of consciousness. As you live in this quantum field more and more, more and more opens up. Know that you are always  protected, that you are always guided, that you are always loved.

We are in many ways aspects of you from the future. We are your assistants in this Great Work, as you are ours. We  are so grateful to serve you. This is the 21st of July 2017 at the foot of Grandfather Tree, living on the edge. We love you.



Good evening to you, Raphael,

We would like to share a message with you for those who may be interested to hear, for today many are eager to hear the words of the Divine Wisdom of the Feminine, of the Goddess. So although you may know me more directly as Mary or Miryam, I am merely an energy that transmits vibrations from the aspect of God Essence that you call the Divine Feminine, or Sophia or Isis, or Mary, be it the Mother Mary or the Magdalen, or any other form of Mother energy.

We wish to talk about cultivating the Feminine, AND the Masculine. It is especially important for men on your planet today, to recognize that they are in fact made up of a combination, in equal amounts, of both masculine and feminine energy.

Imagine the heart shape you are familiar with the curvy rounded M at the top and the broad V at the bottom forming the familiar heart shape you use on all your greeting cards and computer icons or emoticons. Then it is easy to see that the heart is divided into two halves – just as your physical heart has two sides divided by a septum or wall, with each side, complete unto itself but also comprised of two chambers, one to send and one to receive, masculine and feminine.

It may be difficult for you to imagine that you are comprised of two halves, so to speak, that for the women, there is an equal component, equal in size, importance and value one with the other. What does that look like? What does that feel like? Can you, who are identified with yourself as a woman, imagine that you have a masculine side that you may not have come to appreciate – qualities that you may be reluctant to acknowledge, because the world of male has alienated you and harmed you, and so you hold it in low esteem or with fear or judgment, or horror! And for those men out there who have to maintain the appearance of strength and invincibility to recognize that have softness, tenderness; that they can receive… These are not comfortable things to contemplate.

And yet the fate of your planet and its survival depend upon this understanding for there is nothing that will bring about the healing of the Earth and its creatures as this understanding that it is essential for the masculine – the real, human masculine – that is men and the halves of women that are represented by their masculine side – to allow themselves to recognize that the role of men is to protect, honor, respect life – not just of “their own” that is men, but all life, not the destruction energy. The shift that is necessary must emerge from the cultivation in men of their true nature as protectors, and this shift incorporates a recognition of their human, feminine, soft, receptive, intuitive nature, the essence of compassion, mercy and responsibility to uphold the safety and sustainability of the collective.

The women will need to encourage men to be honest, gentle and intuitive and learn to recognize their feeling nature, for in many ways, men are light years behind the women in emotional maturity, mostly because they have not been encouraged to even come close to recognizing their feelings by their peers, parents and politics. The culture must shift, is shifting, and it is requiring women to step forward into positions of leadership that portray a different model of leadership, not the one that requires a dominator consciousness, but one that recognizes the power and value of cooperation and collaboration, of sharing rather that dominating.

The heart is the common denominator, the mid point, the center of this new recognition, for it spans the place of balance between heaven and earth, the within and the without, the mind and the body. Just as there is a balance point between the two opposite aspects that constitute duality, there needs to be an understanding that there is constant flow in the sub-luminary worlds, the yin/yang, the positive/negative, the constant flux that is the hallmark of life in the 3rd dimension, the underlying composition of the material plane, that is based on the electromagnetic flow of current and movement from positive to negative and negative to positive polarity. So too, we want you to realize the importance of flow, of the constant movement in and out of breath, of life, of soul energy, of life and death; and always there is the place of union that is beyond, between and within this flow of duality. Do not negate anything, do not deny anything!. There is light and there is darkness and always there is a place of balance. As you come to recognize this within your own reality you begin to adapt more and more easily to the changes that are upon you now.

You are not here to be spiritual. You are here to be human. You are already both. You are human angel, divine and material. The less you see things from a polarized experience, the more easily you flow, and the easier your life becomes. We, in the “Angelic” realms are here in your existence because we want to help you to have an easier time, less suffering, less struggle. We bring a message of ease and grace. It is not about “saving the world”. Life is precious. All life is precious. It is an expression of God’s love. It is Creation in expression, creativity. You were given free will, for what? To create!. You have heard the idea that you create your reality. What does that mean? It means you are responsible for your own experience. You may not be conscious of it. It may seem like something outside of you is responsible, to blame, imposing something upon you. You are so much more than your mind, your body, your will, your thoughts and feelings. You are eternal, infinite, immortal beings, created in the image of “God”, whatever that means for you at your stage of evolution.

The question was asked, can a man be an embodiment of the Divine Mother. Why not? is the answer. You have assumptions about everything. If there is a feeling of such abundant love and enfolding and softness and nurturing, and the being that emanates this energy has a male body…. Perhaps this person is an embodiment of the Divine Mother. Do not discount anything. The world has a hard time accepting that the heart is the primary organ of consciousness because the brain has become the dominant eye through which you perceive reality. We encourage you to recognize brain, body and heart as each carrying its own particular wisdom. You need all the wisdom you can get these days, so why not accept that you have three aspects of yourselves that wish to impart their wisdom to you. Pay attention to your bodies. Pay attention to your hearts. They have been left out of the equation of the totality of who you are. Know that you are dearly loved, otherwise you would not have come into existence. If you can give attention to the little things, the small pleasures, the smiles, the moments of peace, of love, of smelling a flower, of breathing a waterfall, of taking a walk, and then allow them to grow. All you have is the moment. Everything else is an illusion. Each time you breathe, you are embodying the miracle of life. Each time you pay attention to that breath, you are acknowledging that you are alive, that you have the power to carry on, you are not alone, and there is another moment that can be different, can be unique, can be special.

When you have challenge, whether it be relationship, resource, health issue, each breath carries you into a new moment and as you learn to live in that moment to the full, a new dawning can occur in your consciousness that, just maybe, you will get through, you will manage and there is always help as you turn to us, the angels, the guides, the helpers in the invisible worlds. Pray and then feel that your prayers are being answered, someone cares, someone is listening and they will help you. And there is no death, only transition, only flux, only change. The language of the heart is connection. Everyone is hungry for this. Connect to something, someone, an animal, a person, a tree, a flower, a toy…. Feel the Earth beneath your feet, feel the air, the wind. See yourself connecting, listen, feel…. What does your body say, what is your heart saying. Stop the mind’s constant babble and listen. We are there in the stillness, the Holy Mother, the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, the Father, the simple unadulterated mind of a child, the breath, the moment; God’s love.


The first message is from The Angels and was received at Grandfather Tree on 3/18/2016

Grandfather Tree

IMG_4625“We all have great accumulations of suffering stored in our bodies; The loss of a parent, a child, someone. Abuse. So much pain, so much anger is accumulated and stored in the cellular memory of the body. In order for this world to become a sane place, in order for humanity to survive, in order to be happy, it is necessary that more and more people are able to release these old burdens from the memory held within the body, so they can be free. But they can also create a ripple effect, to open the hearts of everyone they know, everyone they love, so that more and more hearts can be open. Because, as the mass switches towards more and more of the craziness, of the violence, of the mindlessness, there has to be a greater counterbalance to bring it back home to the heart. It is our work, for the heart thread and for all of those who are awaking now.

It is important to be open, to open the heart, and to open hearts. It is so important because the new model of society, of unifying civilizations into the heart space is what is happening for the planet, and for all who are able to participate in this. There is nothing to do. We are so busy doing, that we get lost in the doing. We get lost in our story. We get lost in the pain, in the anger, resentment, the hopelessness and the despair sometimes, the pain of a breakup or loss, or rejection, a misunderstanding. All of the emotions that a human undergoes can be cathartic. They help you to wake up. It is pain that also brings about an awareness of something beyond. The ability to experience that others have pain too, that they are like you, that they too carry this human imprint of suffering, then you can begin to recognize that you, your brother and your sister are all the same in the eyes of Creator. No one is loved more or less.

Just like the sun shines equally everywhere, so too does God’s love that which created everything that is, that is continuing to pour into the entire universe. This love is available to be received and felt, to be experienced and used, to transform the emotions that keep us in bondage so that we can be free. We can be clear. We can be free of our old patterns that are based on what came to us as children, and what we brought to this world when we came, and what is seeking to be healed and clarified. We each carry some special gift. Some carry many, but we each have that special one-pointed uniqueness that is an individual spark, your soul, your connection to Source. That spark that created all that is, is the same spark that created you and that sustains everything.

It is our privilege and blessing to experience what we call life, awareness, consciousness. We have evolved.

We have evolved. Our minds, our consciousness have grown since the early times when genetic implants helped to create the human beings that you are now. Your intelligence has developed. Your ability to be within an environment that is changing rapidly is a measure of your intelligence. And so, as you deal with what comes up, you are refining, you are honing. It is like sharpening the knife, sharpening the blade of the samurai sword, polishing it, bringing it to such a fine edge that it can slice through hair along its length.

You are so much more than you think, than you realize. You understand, you are taught that you use 10% of your capacity, of your creative ability, your interconnectedness with all that is through the DNA, your 12 strands; beyond two; your multi-dimensionality and your interconnectedness with your galactic brothers and sisters, with your neighbors; with the creatures that dwell within the earth, above the earth. You have yet to meet your friends in the animal kingdom. In the plant kingdoms, in the rock and mineral. There are souls waiting to greet you in every tree that are connecting, that you are connected to. But you do not see.

You do not feel it until you go to that tree and talk to it, relate to it, share with it. Recognize there is a soul that has a different way of communicating, has a different kind of nature, and yet is able to communicate with you. As you experience this, you will recognize how interconnected everything is. This is the nature of God, of God’s love. It interconnects and interpenetrates all that is.


Creator has given us the ability to create. What a gift. We were given a life, and then tools to use that life. To create. What are we creating? For ourselves, for the world, for Creator?

It is possible, and it is time to direct our creative energy to an evolved planet that recognizes its interconnection with all the other planets and all life, and recognizes its oneness within the framework of God’s love and that which God has created. There is nothing that is separate from God. Because however you call it, however you think about it, whatever image, whatever understanding you have of that which you call “God”, it must include all that is. Everything is God. That is how we know, that is how it is. It is also imbedded in our soil, our blood and our cells. That there is a flow, an electromagnetic flow, that carries information, that carries light, that carries communication, that carries the voice of Spirit. It can be shared and experienced as unity.

And so it is possible now for this evolved consciousness that you have become, moving into the next level of experience as a creative source of creation, from Creator’s love expressing in this world. We are evolving together a new world, benevolent, unified, safe. You are invited to participate by opening your heart, finding someone to love, to care about, to consider perhaps, “what is it like for them”? Those that you judge, those that you hate, those you abhor. What is it like to be them? Perhaps you will have compassion when you feel the misery that breeds actions and thoughts that can harm another. When you understand that when you hurt your neighbor you hurt yourself, that you are all that is, that everything and everyone is an aspect of your consciousness and what you’ve created. The world is a collective consciousness of all of you creating all of you, just like God does. Just like God is. An endless infinite process of creation. You could define God in this manner. The most amazing intelligence possible beyond imagining. You have that behind you, under you, inside of you. Within the atom is this unified field. It is in every atom of your being. There is programmed within you, in every cell, in every atom, this consciousness of God. Of creative energy, of life force, that pulsates within you. This is God and this is you. There is nothing else but God’s love. And everything is an expression of it.

When you recognize the feeling of recognizing that this is something that can be felt, this love of God; it can be felt in that warmth, somewhere in the midst of all the suffering, there are moments of warmth. Put your energy and focus there. Remember them. Let them begin to shine and warm up more and more until you feel the glow always. For you will be safe in that space. When you recognize that you are protected, you are guided. There are beings that watch over you and are waiting for you to ask for help, tell them what they can do to bring you less stress, greater happiness, a sense of peace; A desire to help another; An ability to listen; To recognize yourself as this unique creation that has never been, will never be again in this form, with this being, this body, this summation, this intelligence and this consciousness and this personality. You have it all. It is all laid out before you. A garden. The garden has been trashed, and it is time to clean it up. We, we’ll call ourselves the angels, wish you to please clean up the garden. There are children waiting to come and play in it. We love you. We thank you. Bless you.”


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