HeartThread Testimonials

You can leave a testimonial from a HeartThread session with me in the comments section below

I just received a lovely testimonial from Patti from the Boulder area. She found my brochure while on a visit to Santa Fe and had a HeartThread session:

             My HeartThread session with Raphael was so healing and wonderful! Contraction I’ve carried in my shoulders for a long time, melted away. It was such a lovely experience to have this time with Raphael, and to receive the messages. Pieces I had been carrying for a long time about my relationship with my mother and father also felt healed, in relation to how I was perceiving their expectations of me. I realized they just loved me, and I was ok as I am. And lots of fun and freeing messages too. It felt so affirming and healing. Raphael is a gifted healer. This session was a true gift, and I’m so grateful to have had this time with him. Patti


            Though these testimonials seems to be about me, it could equally apply to any HeartThread practitioner! Here’s another just came in:

Thank you Raphael for my profound HeartThread sessions. Your gentle and loving encounters with my heart feel very transformative. It’s amazing how you are able see the old conditioning and wounds that are there, release them and bring forth the truth of my Being in their place. Hallelujah! I’m feeling more and more freed up! I feel very uplifted and am looking forward to see how things unfold! Hope




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