About me. Welcome

This website is about much of my life. In here you will find articles, photos and posts; Pages about my activities, interests and passions and photos of my creations abound. When I get around to it, I will add some of my poetry. The front page carries my posts, most of which are channeled messages from my Angel friends. I am also engaged in writing my biography or memoir. Excerpts, Posts and pages and new articles will appear here from time to time and there are many ways to be in touch with me. My greatest passion currently is HeartThread and my growing ability to channel messages and guidance from the Angels of Wisdom. I hope you will enjoy exploring some of these, and my website.  Meet my family:….

Meet my grandsons. Elias 5 yrs old and Ajah 2 1/2


That’s my son Elisha with Elias, just turned 5, and here is my daughter Grace with husband Sage and Elias:IMG_5519

And here’s my son Elisha again, with his wife Pezphoto

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